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Grays Harbor Beach News, Issue #002 -- Upcoming Activities
March 28, 2017

Upcoming Clam Tides

WDFW just release a 4 day upcoming ding beginning March 30th.

The upcoming dig is approved on the following beaches, dates and morning low tides:

March 30, Thursday, 8:58 a.m.; -0.6 feet, Mocrocks March 31, Friday, 9:47 a.m.; -0.6 feet, Copalis April 1, Saturday, 10:40 a.m.; -0.5 feet, Mocrocks April 2, Sunday; 11:39 a.m., -0.1 feet, Copalis

Long Beach and Twin Harbors remain closed to digging, because they have not yet met state testing requirements for marine toxins, Ayres said.

Copalis Beach extends from the Grays Harbor north jetty to the Copalis River and includes the Copalis, Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City and Copalis areas.

Mocrocks Beach extends from the Copalis River to the southern boundary of the Quinault Reservation near the Moclips River, including Iron Springs, Roosevelt Beach, Seabrook, Pacific Beach and Moclips.

Ayres also reminds diggers that all state fishing licenses expire March 31, so they will need to purchase a 2017-18 fishing license if they plan to participate in the digs approved for Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2.

Enjoy razor clam digging!

Diane, Grays Harbor Beaches

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