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Razor Clam Tides Approved at Copalis and Mocrocks
October 22, 2019

Razor Clam tides have been approved for 7 days from Oct 26- Nov 1 for Copalis and Mocrocks only. Evening digs only. Higher than normal domiic acid has been observed at Twin Harbors and Long Beach.

The upcoming dig is for the following dates and low tides:

October 26, Saturday, 5:59 pm, 0.0 feet; CopalisOctober 27, Sunday, 6:47 pm, -0.8 feet; MocrocksOctober 28, Monday, 7:33 pm, -1.2 feet; CopalisOctober 29, Tuesday, 8:18 pm, -1.4 feet; MocrocksOctober 30, Wednesday, 9:03 pm, -1.2 feet; CopalisOctober 31, Thursday, 9:50 pm, -0.8 feet; MocrocksNovember 1, Friday, 10:38 pm, -0.2 feet; Copalis

No digging is allowed before noon for allowed digs, where low tide occurs in the evening. GHB Razor Clam Tides Diane,Grays Harbor Beaches

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