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Grays Harbor Beach News, Issue #002 -- Upcoming Activities
March 01, 2017

Spring is just around the corner

Things are starting to pick up at Grays Harbor Beaches. There are spring razor clam tides, bottom fishing opens and there are many events and activities in the month of March.

Enjoy clam digging? WDFW has released the spring schedule for tentative clam tides.

Tentative March and April 2017 dates are as follows:

Evening digs:

•March 9, Thursday, 4:28 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Mocrocks •March 10, Friday, 5:13 p.m.; -0.3 feet; Copalis •March 11, Saturday, 5:54 p.m.; -0.3 feet; Mocrocks, Kalaloch •March 12, Sunday, 7:31 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Copalis, Kalaloch

•March 24, Friday, 5:01 p.m.; 0.5 feet; Mocrocks •March 25, Saturday, 5:44 p.m.; 0.2 feet; Copalis •March 26, Sunday, 6:24 p.m.; 0.0 feet; Mocrocks

Seasonal switch to morning tides

•March 30, Thursday, 8:58 a.m.; -0.6 feet; Mocrocks •March 31, Friday, 9:47 a.m.; -0.6 feet; Copalis, Kalaloch •April 1, Saturday, 10:40 a.m., -0.5 feet; Mocrocks, Kalaloch •April 2, Sunday, 11:39 a.m.; -0.1 feet; Copalis

•April 13, Thursday, 8:43 a.m.; 0.0 feet; Copalis •April 14, Friday, 9:18 a.m.; 0.1 feet; Mocrocks •April 15, Saturday, 9:55 a.m.; 0.3 feet; Copalis •April 16, Sunday, 10:36 a.m.; 0.5 feet; Mocrocks

•April 27, Thursday, 7:55 a.m.; -1.5 feet; Mocrocks •April 28, Friday, 8:42 a.m.; -1.8 feet; Copalis •April 29, Saturday; 9:32 a.m.; -1.7 feet; Mocrocks, Kalaloch •April 30, Sunday, 10:24 a.m.; -1.3 feet; Copalis, Kalaloch

Please make sure to check back with WDFW for the latest releases and information regarding upcoming digs. Check out our favorite clam recipes or add yours on our site.

GHB Razor Clam Tides

Fishing News

Are you waiting to start deep sea fishing? Bottom fishing starts March 11 2017, but there are rule changes to the number and species of bottom fish that you may catch effective immediately. There are also new boundary lines and minimum size limits for lingcod in Marine Areas 1-4. Please check WDFW for the updated rules.

Events Calendar

North Beaches/Ocean Shores/Seabrook

North Beaches-Ocean Shores, Seabrook, and Pacific Beach areas: March 4-5 Ocean Shores Beachcomber’s Fun Fair

March 11 Seabrook Winemaker Party

March 17-19 Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival & eafood Extravaganza March 18 Seabrook Daffodil Days Spring Kick Off Celebration March 19 Ocean Shores Dugan’s Run

South Beaches/Westport

March 1-May 30 Westport Gray Whale Watching March 11-Westport Bottom Fishing Opens-See WDFW for rules March 15-Oct 15 Westport Westport Charter Boat Association Fishing Derby

All Area Beaches

January 1-April 30 Razor Clam Tides per WDFW schedule

Full schedule of upcoming events listed at Grays Harbor Beaches.

Don’t forget to check out our website for news, events and great pictures. We welcome you to add your pictures to our site. Enjoy your relaxing get-a-way!

Diane, Grays Harbor Beaches

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