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March April 2023 Beach Newsletter
March 02, 2023

March April 2023 Newsletter

With less than 6 weeks of winter left, the activities at Grays Harbor Beaches are beginning to pick up. Starting in March there’s razor clam digs, bottom fishing, gray whale watching and more events are happening.

Razor Clam Tides

WDFW just released tentative dates for razor clam digs during the month of March, digs from the 3rd of March through the 22nd of March will be in the evenings. Morning tides will begin the 23rd of March and run until the 26th. As WDFW approves these dates, I will post updates both on the website and on my facebook page. Below are the tentative openings in March depending on toxin results. The following approved digs during evening (p.m.) low tides are: • March 3, Friday, 4:31 PM; 0.6 feet; Mocrocks • March 4, Saturday, 5:09 PM; 0.4 feet; Copalis • March 5, Sunday, 5:42 PM; 0.2 feet; Mocrocks • March 6, Monday, 6:13 PM 0.1 feet; Copalis • March 7, Tuesday, 6:41 PM; 0.3 feet; Mocrocks • March 8, Wednesday, 7:09 PM; 0.5 feet; Copalis The following tentative digs during evening (p.m.) low tides: • March 17, Friday, 4:10 PM; 0.0 feet; Copalis (Ocean Shores Razor Clam and Seafood Festival) • March 18, Saturday, 5:06 PM; -0.5 feet; Mocrocks (Ocean Shores Razor Clam and Seafood Festival) • March 19, Sunday, 5:54 PM; -0.7 feet; Copalis (Ocean Shores Razor Clam and Seafood Festival) • March 20, Monday, 6:38 PM; -0.7 feet; Mocrocks • March 21, Tuesday, 7:18 PM; -0.5 feet; Copalis • March 22, Wednesday, 7:56 PM; 0.0 feet; Mocrocks The following tentative digs during morning (a.m.) low tides are scheduled: • March 23, Thursday, 8:29 AM; -0.3 feet; Copalis • March 24, Friday, 9:13 AM; -0.4 feet; Mocrocks • March 25, Saturday, 9:57 AM; -0.2 feet; Copalis • March 26, Sunday, 10:44 AM; 0.2 feet; Mocrocks

Fishing Dates

Bottom fishing starts the second Saturday in March and runs into October. (March11- Oct 14th). Book your favorite charter boat soon, as dates tend to fill up fast. Ling cod also starts at the same time, with a limit of 2.

Halibut starts on May 4-May 23 with fishing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays only and Memorial weekend on Thursday May 25 and Tuesday May 30th. Tentative dates of June 15, 18, 22 and 25th if sufficient quota remains. Salmon fishing has yet to be released.

March April Events:

North Beach Annual Events • March 1-April 30 Seabrook Spring Glass Float Find • March 3-8 Ocean Shores Pacific Beach P.M. Razor Clam Tides (Copalis, Mocrocks) approved • March 3-Dec 29 Seabrook Town Tours Fridays Only • March 4-5 Ocean Shores Beach Combers Fun Fair • March 17-19 Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival & Seafood Extravaganza • March 17-22 Ocean Shores Pacific Beach P.M. Razor Clam Tides (Copalis, Mocrocks) Tentative • March 20-April 16 Seabrook Seabrook’s Spring Fest Activities • March 23-26 Ocean Shores Pacific Beach A.M. Razor Clam Tides (Copalis, Mocrocks) Tentative • April 22 Seabrook Earth Day in Seabrook
South Beaches Annual Events • March 4 Ocosta-Booster Club Crab Feed • March 11- Oct 13 Westport Westport Charterboat Association Fishing Derby • March 11-Westport Bottom Fishing Opens • March 18-June 1 Westport Gray Whale Watching • April 1-2 Westport Celebration of Glass • April 1-9 Westport Winery Mermaid Festival • April 15 Westport World Class Crab Races, Crab Feed & Crab Derby • April 22 Westport/ local beaches Coastal Clean Up Head to the beaches, plan a stay and enjoy your favorite activity with your family and friends.

Don’t forget to check out our website with the up-to-date schedule of upcoming events.

Enjoy your trip to the beach! Diane, Grays Harbor Beaches

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