tNEWS FLASH :  WDFW approves razor clam digs at Mocrocks, Twin Harbors and Copalis beaches on May 4-14 with a limit of 20 clams! (digging allowed 4 am to 4 pm on May 11-14. Razor Clam Tides  Bottom Fishing Starts March 11th Fishing News

Beach Activities

Beach activities are abundant at Grays Harbor Beaches for families, couples, extreme enthusiasts, or for those wanting relaxing weekends.

Kite Flying Photo Courtesy of Ocean Shores Kites
Westport Maritime Museum
Horseback Riding
Driftwood Beach Combing
Storm Watching
Sunsets Strolls on the beach
Lighthouse Tours
Ocean Shores Boat Rentals & Tours Photo:courtesy of Ocean Shores Boats

Extreme surfing enthusiasts may want to catch a wave at Westport, while others may want to spend long hours kayaking or boating through 23 miles of  inter connecting canals and lakes in Ocean Shores.

There is also a skateboard park for amateurs and experts. Golfers can golf year round because of the temperate winter months.

Grays Harbor beach activities are geared towards all age groups. Families will find an abundant of activities such as:

and many other events and festivals going on year round. 

Driving on Grays Harbor beaches is also permitted in designated areas.

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